Conference of State Ministers regarding Manual Scavenging


I.       Agenda


          1. Agenda English

          2. Agenda Hindi

          3. Annexes (Except III, IV, &V)

          4. Annex-III MS Act English

          5. Annex-III MS Act Hindi

          6. Annex- IV MS Rules

          7. Annex-V SRMS Hindi

          8. Annex-V SRMS English


II.      Programme Hindi/English


III.    Letters Regarding the Conference


          1. D.O. letter dated 13/01/2015 to Chief Ministers of State/UTs.

          2. D.O. letter dated 15/01/2015 to Chief Secretaries of State/UTs.

          3. D.O. letter dated 15/01/2015 to Pr. Secretaries/Secretaries of State/UTs.

          4. D.O. letter dated 16/01/2015 to Secretaries of Central Ministries/Depts.

          5. Letter dated 16/01/2015 to NGOs.

          6. Performa for furnishing Quarterly Progress Report.

          7. Conference of State Ministers postponed for 18-Feb-15.